Associate Photographer

Lead Photographer, Owner

"I have to admit that some of my most precious memories happened while I was in high school. I got my drivers license, experienced my first love, had slumber parties with my girlfriends and giggled talking about guys, practically lived at my best friend's house, and cried during my graduation; savoring the moment and knowing my life was about to change. I now live 900 miles from where I grew up so when I look back at my senior pictures I am instantly transported to high school again and smile thinking about all of the amazing times I had (can I go back, please?). This is exactly how I want our senior clients to feel when they look at their images: proud, happy, nostalgic, beautiful, and everything in between. If we can do that, then we have succeeded, as photographers- and I couldn't ask for anything more than those priceless reactions. "



"While my high school days are long gone, I still think back to those days with such happiness. I am so lucky that some of my best friends to this day are friends I had in high school. I laugh hysterically when I look at my high school senior pictures- the hair, the rose, the furry boa- yeah it was BAD! Now I love being able to create images for our high school seniors that are totally different from what I experienced- full of personality and uniqueness. Your photo shoot should be FUN so I work extra hard to ensure that. Most of all, I am not satisfied until all your friends have "senior portrait envy" over how much better your high school senior images are then theirs, especially when them see them on Facebook and Instagram!"